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2•Marshall Ganz, PhD Sociology, Harvard Introduces The Camp Foundations

Click to Play the 49 minute Flash Video opening presentation by Marshall at the 8.10-12.07 San Francisco Camp Obama when volunteers from all over Northern California gathered to learn leadership skills for the Barack Obama campaign for the Democratic nomination for POTUS (President of the United States). Non-H.264 QT 6 compatible. Free Harvard Education here, Buffy remarks afterwards. Lucky us.
Formats available: Download 275MB MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

While you watch the Flash Movie right away please download the QT movie for your iTunes, iPod, and AppleTV presentations so you can SHARE at Volunteer Recruitment Meetings and House Parties.


Renata said...

Thank you for editing and publishing these! We're using some of them for our campaigning training in my CD.

"All fired up, ready to go!"

Rune MS said...

Thanks for posting this - just found it, and find it very inspiring to our organizing efforts in denmark and internationallay! Rune, ActionAid